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Earlier in the year I was given two quilts by my friend Debbie to quilt for her –

This was the one I saw first and I just fell in love with it, I had it pinned up on my wall for ages before deciding how to quilt it…..

Debbie's Quilt 1

This is the second quilt, Isn’t it just fabulous, all hand embroidered on Linen. Now that scared me as I had never quilted on Linen before but I knew just the person to go to to ask for help and advice – Kelly Cline Quilt Artist

Debbie's Quilt 2


It was a while getting both of these quilts done for Debbie, but she has them now thanks to her friend Pat who hand delivered them to her this past weekend. I am pleased to say Debbie likes them and has given me permission to post them on here.

Below are some piks of work in progress, at the end of these are the piks Debbie did for me of the completed Quilts.

Before and after quilting pictures –

Deb 1

Deb 2

Deb 3

Deb 4

Deb 5

Deb 6

Deb 7

Deb 8

Deb 9

Deb 10




Almost the completed Quilt – [the borders you cannot see]


Following are piks of the Butterfly Girl – around the Butterflies I did the dreaded Vermicelli but threw in some ‘ghost’ butterflies of my own, hope you can see them flitting about –



Around the girl I quilted different patterns to make more texture and interest for the quilting, and basically cos I enjoyed getting carried away on this one.  Round the girls legs I started to elongate the circles so they look hopefully like pebbles she is standing on


The completed Quilt.


Thank you so much Debbie for letting me do these gorgeous quilts for you I enjoyed them so much and was loath to let them go. Also thank you for permission to show others.

Please feel free to leave a comment below or if you are seeing it on Face-Book maybe you prefer to leave one on there, either is fine. Thank you for looking.

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As promised here is a picture of Barbara’s beautiful quilt now I have finished quilting it, she has given me permission to post it on here. Thank you Barbara for trusting me with your lovely quilt. The quilting sadly doesn’t show up very well in this photo…sorry.


This was different for me as the quilt backing was fleece, I found it very easy to quilt through also it was light to move around under my sewing machine.

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Barbara brought her Quilt along to my group to ask if I would quilt it for her. Her hubby bought her the Accuquilt GO cutter for Christmas with lots of dies and she made all the blocks up and turned them into this little beauty, just the right size I can do nowadays. When finished I will put a picture here for you all to see.
34 Barbara's fun with Accuquilt GO Cutter



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