Gail, a lady at my group asked me to quilt this little cot quilt for her new Grand daughter, she said I could do what I wanted on it, yay, but I kept it simple for the little dot.


Thank you Gail for trusting me with your Quilt.

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I did this quilt for Sue T, a lady from my group way way back, I have only just found the pictures of it on my computer, sorry Sue. She bought this in a shop when she was on holiday, for the grand sum of £35 I believe it was, it is ENORMOUS, I had my doubts about getting it under my machine, but managed it, to say it was a tight fit is putting it mildly. Anyway as you can see I quilted it, as per their instructions. It did look good in the end, but I vowed never to do pebbles again!!!!! ha ha ha

The massive Quilt –

IMG_8269 (2)

close showing how I quilted it, pebblemania!!!


Before Quilting…

Sue's bargain quilt

Thank you Sue T for allowing me to quilt your precious find for you, it was a challenge but I got there in the end.

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Pictures of a small quilt I did for Sue, oh a while back now. It was a fun one to do, pushed me a bit as some of the areas were so small… but I managed it. This is one of the quilts that Sue from Passion4Quilting has on offer as a workshop I believe.

The whole Quilt, it is slightly larger than a fat quarter I seem to remember…

3 Sue's quilt

Close up in the hope you can see the quilting…

2 Sue's quilt

..close up of side…

1 Sue's quilt

another close up for you…
4 Sue's quilt

..and another of the edge…

5 Sue's quilt

Thank you Sue for trusting me with this corker of a Quilt.

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